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Innovative user experiences built on blockchain


We create new revenue streams and improve brand perception by building innovative and lovable products & services using the power of blockchain.

New technology needs to enable you to drive more value to your business. As domain experts we offer transparency through guidance and a vision on the future, as well as hands-on development.

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Open Hiring

Interoperable platform

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Spling Labs

Social protocol / Anchor program

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SPL Cards

iOS & Android app

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An award winning agency

With our Spling Protocol, we won 2nd place in the Solana hackathon.
Now we offer development services to businesses and web3 projects.


Building software using blockchain technologies. Our team specialises in platforms & website's, smart contracts, mobile- and decentralised apps development.


Helping you on your journey towards the future. Activating your stakeholders through knowledge sharing and creating a roadmap for technical implementation.

What we build

On-Chain Programs

We specialize in smart contract development and build on-chain programs using Anchor & Rust.

Mobile apps

We build apps to run native on iOS, Android & Saga.
Gorgeous apps with seamless web3 integrations.

Websites & platforms

We develop websites and platforms that run on blockchain rails with rich web3 experiences.


Our programs can connect seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.
Easy to use, yet powerful API's.


Discover news & insights about Chainbay. Learn all there is to know about Web3 and get the latest tech updates.

Validation & Supply Chain Transparency through Blockchain Technology

Discover how blockchain technology is transforming validation and enhancing supply chain transparency.
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The Sustainable Side of Web3: Solana Leads the Charge

As the world becomes increasingly conscious of sustainability, the web3 community has risen to the challenge. Let's find out how.
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Explaining Web3: Decentralizing the Internet

We'll explain what Web3 actually is by taking a glimpse at its predecessors, Web1 and Web2...
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