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Follow these guidelines when promoting Chainbay in marketing communications,
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the chainbay brand

Our Brand identity & Logo

Chainbay has a strong logo and visualized presentation through imagery. These encapsulated the essence of our brands identity.

The setting sun represents the culmination of a journey, a turning point where day transitions into night. In the same way, Chainbay signifies the transition from traditional centralized systems to the decentralized world of Web3. We are the catalysts who guide this transition, harnessing the fading light of the old and kindling the dawn of a new era.

The sea, stretching endlessly beneath the sun, signifies the vast potential and boundless opportunities found within the Web3 landscape. It symbolizes the blockchain technology and its transformative power to reshape industries, establish trust, and empower individuals. Like the sea, Chainbay is a source of untapped potential, ready to unleash waves of innovation.

The cliffs presenting the barriers that stand between the present and the future. These cliffs symbolize the challenges faced in adopting decentralized technologies. But they also stand as testaments to our unwavering determination and expertise in navigating treacherous terrain. Chainbay scales these cliffs with confidence, forging paths to success for our clients and partners.


A certain amount of space is needed around the logomark to prevent it from becoming cluttered by surrounding artwork, images, or the edge of a page. Below are the minimum spacings for both logomark and wordmark.

Logo Don'ts

Here are some things you should never do with the Chainbay logomark.

DON'T stretch the logo

DON'T place the logo on a color without sufficient contrast

DON'T rotate the logo

DON'T add unnecessary embellishments like drop shadows, gradients, embossing etc. to the logo

Colour use

These colors are recommendations for various media. In all situations, a black or white background need to be used with contrasting text.

The first row consists of our primary brand colors.

The second and third rows consist of our secondary brand colors.

Secondary colors should be used where primary colors are not represented best.



Heading 1 font nekst

Heading 2 font nekst

Heading 3 font nekst

I'm a paragraph and I'm written in font Mazzard

I'm a white paragraph and I'm written in font Mazzard

Asset downloads


Wordmark white text

Wordmark Black text

Wordmark B&W

Main Logo TYpe

Main Logo TYpe

Main Logo TYpe

Main Logo TYpe

Press Inquiries

Please direct inquiries to the email address below.